Premise: the arctic intends to conduct a mini survey on what are the types of loans and loans for unemployed online. We will also mention the most obvious ones which are such because they are known by most people, but not really by all. Some forms of credit for the unemployed will be fine for the current 2020, others regardless of the current year. And again. Other types of financing are intended by law on the basis of the status of unemployment rather than unemployment, so that they foresee the difference between loans for unemployed and unemployed.

Others still according to the purpose, that is between personal loans x unemployed and loans for unemployed to open businesses. Let’s start with the best-known solutions, all of which fall into the category of personal loan for the unemployed which would be the form of credit where cash, liquid money will be disbursed, to be spent as needed.

Loans to unemployed with guarantor

Loans to unemployed with guarantor

The presence of a guarantor is useful provided that who guarantees the unemployed has the merit and income requirements. Then, it is the turn of loans to the unemployed with guarantees : the guarantees we are talking about are varied but grouped into 4 categories:

a) personal guarantees (the aforementioned third guarantor);

b) collateral (movable and immovable property);

c) guarantees deriving from annuities (e.g. rental of a property, maintenance allowance, etc.) or from illegal employment;

d) where possible, guaranteed payments with bills. The aforementioned guarantees can coexist all or in part. Let’s see the case in which one or more of the above guarantees is missing.

Let’s start with the hypothesis of loans for unemployed without guarantor.
Being without personal guarantees (such is the signature of a guarantor) involves a big problem that can be solved only with the takeover of any real guarantees, i.e. registered real estate or movable property (vehicles, of any kind) can be mortgaged or pledged a personal asset (also of third parties), or still demonstrate, also through bank movements or contracts, the revenues referred to in letter c) that are “formally” compatible with the status of unemployed… If, finally, you are just without no guarantee is part of the hypothesis of loans for unemployed without guarantees which provide the following solutions.

Personal loans for unemployed without guarantees.

Personal loans for unemployed without guarantees .

We specify that the term “without guarantees” will be understood as the lack of any annuity, income or paycheck, if you wish, but also the total absence of property for the unemployed person. In such cases, only the extreme and residual forms of credit remain: the loans changed, the one between private individuals and the structures (public or private non-profit organizations) that provide microcredit. We do not know more than this…
We conclude by recalling that all the solutions proposed so far are related to personal loans to unemployed people who, we repeat, belong to that credit segment that provides liquidity to be spent freely. However, things are different if the credit applications are aimed at opening a new business, so we are in the defined area of ​​non -repayable loans for unemployed people who want to start their own in the course of 2020, which we will discuss now. First a quick mention of loans for unemployed students where we specify that a student is not a real unemployed person as studying as well as an investment for the future is, as long as studies remain, a job in all respects. Be that as it may, students also have a range of funding opportunities in 2020 described in student loans to which we refer.

How to get them?

How to get them?

Here the mentioned difference between the unemployed (who has never worked) and the unemployed looking for employment (who had a job but, for any reason, no longer has it) comes into play. Yes, because the above difference is in some cases relevant. To be precise, to access some loans for unemployed people who want to start out on their own, based on the type of call & competition (European, state or regional), you start with an unemployment of at least three months (for some calls) and you get up to at 2 years (for others). An example we are talking about is given by the Car Loan (see loan of honor invitalia) pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 185/2000, according to which you must have been “unemployed” for at least six months.

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